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Wes Anderson

by Director's Club

Friend and favorite to the show Regina Barry returns for a monumental discussion on the beloved auteur Wes Anderson. In addition to talking about all his films, we discuss RESOLUTION, CONCUSSION, THE ONE I LOVE and more. Included at the very end of the episode is a brief discussion on The Beatles of all things.  Also, I give a special announcement at the beginning which details how the rest of the year will be for me and I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative for my co-host and dear friend Patrick. Thank you to all for listening and for your continuing support — Jim     

00:00 - 13:55 - Intro / Announcement    
13:56 - 14:32 - What We Watched Song    
14:33 - 53:00 - Reviews of CONCUSSION & RESOLUTION    
53:01 - 01:36:44 - Review of THE ONE I LOVE (spoilers)    
01:36:45 - 01:37:54 - Wes Anderson Song    
01:37:55 - 02:44:33 - Wes Anderson Discussion    
02:44:34 - 02:54:05 - Top 3 Wes Anderson Films / Outro    
02:54:05 - 03:03:21 - Bonus Beatles Discussion     

In two weeks, Patrick will be joined by another great returning guest, Robert Reineke, to discuss prolific Hammer horror filmmaker Terrence Fisher.

Nicholas Roeg

by Director's Club

Friend of the show Bill Ackerman joins Patrick for what is surely the strangest Director’s Club episode yet. In addition to talking about vanguard British director Nicholas Roeg and his films (including Performance, Walkabout, The Man Who Fell To Earth, Don’t Look Now and Bad Timing), they cover Craig Brewer, commentary tracks, Bug Crush, the modern independent film landscape, VOD, Guardians of the Galaxy, and more. Also: Vincent Price sings “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”  Thanks as always for listening!

0:00 - What we watched segment, kinda sorta
45:45 - Nicholas Roeg discussion, kinda sorta

In about a week, we welcome returning guest Regina to talk with us about the idiosyncratic Wes Anderson. Until then, send us your feedback and comments over to: Thanks as always for listening!

Bonus Episode: TIFF 2014

by Director's Club

Festival correspondent and friend to the show Erik Childress joins us to talk about this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, giving reviews of around ten films that stood out this year, that we have to look forward to either later this year or the next. Titles include NIGHTCRAWLER, SPRING, MOMMY, WILD, THE VOICES, IT FOLLOWS and more!

Our Nicholas Roeg episode is coming within the week, and Wes Anderson will be recorded in a matter of days!  Included at the end is a cover song of “Angel in the Snow” by Elliott Smith by yours truly. Thanks for listening - Jim

Erik’s TIFF rundown on Letterboxd

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Oliver Stone

by Director's Club

We are back at last with our youngest guest to date!  The great Thomas Wishloff, formerly of the Big Kahuna Burger Podcast and now a writer for Sunset Productions, joins us to talk about the highly controversial Oliver Stone.  We touch upon the majority of his filmography with discussions mostly on PLATOON, NATURAL BORN KILLERS, JFK, SALVADOR and a whole lot more. We also review GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, LUCY, THE CONGRESS, THE TRIP TO ITALY, and the first season of TRUE DETECTIVE.  

0:00 - 20:50 - Intro / Robin Williams Discussion
20:51 - 22:31 - What We Watched Song
22:32 - 1:14:43 - What We Watched This Week
1:14:44 - 1:16:12 -  Director Song
1:16:13 - 2:31:32 -  Director Discussion
2:31:33 - 2:37:47 - Top 3 Lists / Outro

In two weeks, we return with friend of the show Bill Ackerman to talk about Nicolas Roeg mainly focusing on DON’T LOOK NOW and WALKABOUT.   Until then, send us your feedback and comments over to:  Thanks as always for listening!