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Bonus Ep: Best of 2014 So Far

by Director's Club

A special bonus episode is here to make up for lost time.  While I was in NYC, I saw two of the best movies of 2014 and I was excited to to talk about those as well as catch up with friend and past guest Erik Childress. Since we’ve hid the mid-way point, I asked him to come on for 90 minutes to see what he feels are the best films of the year so far.  We reveal our top ten picks including a shared number one choice!  Since Patrick spent over three hours talking older movies with the Samuel Fuller episode, I gave him the night off but we’ll be back in two weeks together for the next official episode. Please note that I have yet to see SNOWPIERCER.  Thanks for listening! - Jim

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10. Obvious Child
09. The Raid 2
08. How To Train Your Dragon 2
07. X-Men: Days of Future Past
06. Cheap Thrills
05. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
04. Snowpiercer
03. Noah
02. The Lego Movie
01. Life Itself

10. The Lego Movie
09. They Came Together
08. Coherence
07. Obvious Child
06. Under The Skin
05. Joe
04. How To Train Your Dragon 2
03. The Grand Budapest Hotel
02. The Lion’s Mouth Opens
01. Life Itself

Samuel Fuller

by Director's Club

With Jim lost in New York, Kevin McCallister style, Row Three co-host and constant companion Kurt Halfyard is here with Patrick for a ramblin’ good time talking about seminal cult director Samuel Fuller. In addition to discussing his films THE NAKED KISS, SHOCK CORRIDOR, and PICK-UP ON SOUTH STREET, we take on a myriad of classics like AIRPLANE!, DO THE RIGHT THING, THE SARAGOSSA MANUSCRIPT, SCORPIO RISING and a number of short horror film recommendations.

Be sure to tune in two weeks from now to hear our Kelly Reichardt episode! As always, if you want to send us a question or comment: Stay Sick!

Quentin Tarantino

by Director's Club critic and SharcTankMedia contributor Tyler Foster joins us to talk about a very obscure, unknown filmmaker that you’ve probably never heard of.  Quentin Tarantino. We focus on the breakthrough classic PULP FICTION in honor of its 20th anniversary, as well as Quentin’s first of two historical revisions with the WWII revenge drama INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. And obviously we pretty much bring up every movie he’s ever done throughout the course of the episode. In addition we review 22 JUMP STREET, MOOD INDIGO, EDGE OF TOMORROW, THE RULES OF ATTRACTION, THE HITCHER films and much more!  

0:00 - 15:15 - Intro / In-House Business
15:16- 17:14 - What We Watched Song
17:15 - 1:35:50 - What We Watched This Week
1:35:51 - 1:38:00 - Director Song
1:38:01 - 2:06:07 - Pulp Fiction
2:06:08 - 3:03:44 - Inglorious Bastards & All Of The Rest Of His Films!
3:03:45 - 3:11:30 - Top 3 Lists / Outro

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In two weeks, Jim goes on vacation to NYC while Patrick checks-in with the great Kurt Halfyard to talk about film noir legend Samuel Fuller. Until then, send us your feedback and comments over to:

Wim Wenders

by Director's Club

Punctuation Films’ very own Sean Pierce joins us for a trip with the great German filmmaker Wim Wenders. We focus on his take on Patricia Highsmith with THE AMERICAN FRIEND as well as his most critically acclaimed spiritual meditation, WINGS OF DESIRE. But we also touch on PARIS, TEXAS, KINGS OF THE ROAD, DONT COME KNOCKING and more! We also review BLOOD SIMPLE, PARADISE HOPE, THEY CAME TOGETHER, and THE WIND RISES.

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